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A funky little Skillful Means page.

Straw Bale Skillful Means

The SEVA foundation fights blindness with skillful means.

The Skillful Meditation Project.
Theravadin Bhuddism, very sweet article, a little stuffy maybe,
(thats theravada hinayana for ya...) but a good overview of the
theravadin approach; ehpasizes Sila (morality),
Samadi(concentration), and Panna (Intuitive Wisdom).

"To avoid doing the bad, to do the good, to purify the mind;
this is the whole teaching of all the buddhas."


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Welcome to Skillful Means.

"Skillful Means", or "Skill-in-means", is the english translation of the pali-sanskrit term UPAYAKAUSALYA, often shortened to upaya- "means" or "expedients". Upaya is a technical buddhist term that refers to special methods or techniques of leading the ignorant to knowledge, techniques that are only possible because of the extraordinary knowledge of other people's inner states, illusions, and needs which an enlightened person posesses.

Here's a tasty bit of upaya for ya!

This is the most significant "spiritual" realization of our time-- that We are large-brained animals who live on the surface of a planet.

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I do answer all email, I am still online,
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