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Links to sites on the Consciousness Webring-- more links coming!

Telesterion Self-development and Enlightenment
TELESTERION self-development and enlightenment for modern humans. A new look at esoteric psychology and philosophy, by an experienced practicioner who claims to be enlightened. Is enlightenment real? What is enlightenment, really?

Home of the Consciousness Webring.

Mythos & Logos is the home page of Brent Dean Robbins, dedicated to the promotion of existential-phenomenological philosophy, psychology, and literature, and home of the Mythos & Logos webring.

For  Mindful  Living
A school for adult self-discovery and personal growth,
based on Fourth Way principles - located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia 4th wayers, and while I haven't meant them, from what I've read they
seem very sensible and solid in their approach to the Gurdjieff line.

Consciousness Webring Joinpage by tao_consciousness
If you have a good quality web site about consciousness, esotericism, spirituality, or similar topics, you are welcome to join this ring.
Christian-right?-WRONG! by angel2shine
A New Age Christian guides the spiritual away from political intrusion in religion, and towards the Christ Consciousness, and the oneness of us all.


Glenn Scheper Knows!
Categorized annotated links to over 133 thousand gnostic, christian, spiritual, magic, pagan, philosophy, psychology, mystery, prophecy, revelation, and end-times web pages.

Michael Brown's Home Page
Some of my own views and many links to selected sites concerning science, metaphysics, consciouness, digital imaging and photgraphy.

Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD) by fatherjeromeusa
A text-only (NO graphics) science education website for 5 year-old "scientists" (who will have their first Doctorate at 10 years of age) and adults, which explains in detail what the human MIND is and how CONSCIOUSNESS works.

The Inner Journey
Dedicated to the personal & spiritual journey, and the exploration of consciousness.

New Thought Related Books
A site dedicated to providing access to free on-line books dealing with the advancing mind, spiritual growth and self-improvement. explores the nature of significant psychological change. Towards this end, ideas from philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and the esoteric occult are synthesized.

Gem's Advice - how to improve your daily life
Who is Gem? In the beautiful novella "Gem's story", Gem grows from a shy girl into a loving, spiritual woman. In this website she gives very practical advice about life, the universe and other problems. Visit her - and bring your own questions!

Esoteric Book Reviews
Reviews of books by Rudolf Steiner.Submit your own reviews of books on esotericism and related topics.

Wide Open Windows to the One Who Is
Wide Open Windows to the One Who Is,with extensive listing of awakened teachers.

Philadelphia School for Gurdjieff / Ouspensky Studies
Summa Foundation provides practical study in Philadelphia for adult self-development using Fourth Way methods, including Movements. Emphasis is on the use of attention and harmonious integration

Conceptanalysis, Language and Logic
Three creators of the modern conceptanalysis (G.E. Moore, B. Russell and L. Wittgenstein) and their successor G.H. von Wright. The scheme of language, logic and the world of reality.

Transformation Mother: Psychic Sex and Psychedelics by alojac
In 1969 a young acid head is seduced into a fanatic religious cult and trapped in a phantasmagoric war between the ancient forces of good and evil. But all he really wants is to bring his dead girlfriend's spirit back to life. This is the story of his 30-year quest.

Pure Reason
The expression of the enlightenment attained by the prophets.

the search for whatever truth might be

Quang Duc Homepage
Quang Duc homepage is the official Buddhist bilingual website (Vietnamese & English) of Quang Duc Monastery in Australia, which contains many valuable documents such as The Life of Lord Buddha & His Teachings.

Arcana Lapis ~ Temple of Thoth
A compilation of over 33 years of work with the Master Iluminari, Thoth Hermes, and his Akashic records.

Nietzsche's Features
An extensive online collection of Nietzsche texts, all in English and fully searchable.

To provide enlightenment and give users a chance to attend classes that Wade-Botkin teaches.

Mindfulness - a Beginners' Guide
Become more present in the given moment, practice mindfulness meditation. A beautifully written detailed article on how to practice mindfulness meditation.

Meaning - The Secret of Being Alive
This site has two main sections. It is about the book, "Meaning - The Secret of Being Alive", and about the Community for Spirit.

Ask Dr. Chakras by doctorchakras
Ask Dr. Chakras... Practical advice on personal growth and living spiritually in a material world. Dedicated to the healing and transformation of humanity. Original writings and perspectives on Reality & Divinity, Relationships, Work & Wealth, Health & Vitality & more. Free Questi

Mythos & Logos
Dedicated to the exploration of existential-phenomenological philosophy, psychology and literature, with an on-going dialogue with psychoanalytic thought, perennial philosophy, and general psychology.

May All Beings Be Free of Suffering
Dedicated to HH The Dalai Lama and Tibetan refugees and their struggle for independence from Chinese occupation.

The Lanternlight Traveller Book Corner
Featuring a selection of over 500 applied metaphysics and philosophical reference book titles.

The Hanta Yo School of Conscious Movement
The Tao House teaches Love,Understanding,and Vitality.Articles include,"The Art of Happy Hands", and "The Result of the Root".

Awakening into Awareness
Free ezine and online mentoring based on an extraordinary experience of sudden, spontaneous awakening into an awareness of the nondual nature of Reality.

Telesterion Self-development Enlightenment
TELESTERION self-development and enlightenment for modern humans. A new look at esoteric psychology and philosophy, by an experienced practicioner who claims to be enlightened. Is enlightenment real? What is enlightenment, really?

Creativity Consciousness Town Hall
Offers a new approach and options for an enlightened lifestyle to prepare for the challenges of the new millennium. A spiritual light is appearing on mankind's horizon and its soothing brilliance will touch all in their hearts! Let's remove doubt and create trust and goodwill in all.

Carlos Castaneda's Journey of Knowledge
This site is about the books written by Carlos Castaneda concerning his experiences learning the path of Knowledge from Don Juan.It also has pictures,graphics,links and my own views on various related subjects.

Magus - Mythology and Metaphysics
An online magazine dedicated to the spread of advanced metaphysical knowledge regarding world mythology and religions, higher consciousness, and other spiritually-oriented subjects.

Reflections on Awakening by mirror_nl
The site describes a journey toward awakening to reality on internet. It contains inspiring expressions, quotes and poetry about self realization, enlightenment, nonduality and advaita. Enlightenment is not something that belongs far away in the future. It is here and now. It is everywhere.

The MindWarp deals with various technologies for the alteration of consciousness - chemical, electronic, and rhythmic.

Quantum Resonance Theory
Quantum resonance theory is a theory of consciousness based in mysticism and quantum theory.

A Higher Reality by robmortonuk
A personal speculation into the nature of consciousness as part of a higher reality of which the universe we perceive is but the tip of an iceberg.

Mahayana Buddhism versus Materialism
Is the mind just a physical machine? Is there anything that could survive the death of the body? This site investigates the surprising correspondences between science and the Mahayana Buddhist view of mind and matter. The main area is an alphabetically arranged list of topics.

Let There Be Light -- Always In All Ways
This site is dedicated to offering vital information relative to Unfolding Pure Inner Consciousness (or the Inner Higher Spiritual Self). There will be found here on-lines books, Meditation manuals and exercises, Insights into the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Alchemy, Astrology.

The Mind Splinter
An open forum for the questioners of life. Consciousness,truth,the nature of reality,the existence of God(s). Are you willing to question your own beliefs?

In The Light
Lists of spiritual masters, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, links to Lightworker sites, an introduction to spirituality and a collection of other information.
Consciousness Website by tao_consciousness
Explores consciousness,reviews of books by Rudolf Steiner,Esoteric Links Directory.

Human Nature, Life Skills, the Meaning of Life, Nature
Learn how to live a balanced life in harmony with the cosmos.

Ngawang Geleg's Buddhist Home Page
A general Buddhist resource guide promoting non-sectarian movement.

Mandalas by Barry Stevens for Meditation and Healing by bstevensuk
Beautiful,colourful and luminous mandalas by contemporary mandala artist. An exploration of the mandala as an inner process and medium for artistic exploration.
Transformation Mother

Psychic Sex and Psychedelics
Mystery Of Being

Counsciousness and Initiation, Philosophy, Ancient Mysteries, Platonism
The Unfathomable Mystery

"The subjective thinker cannot have his own existence as an object of thought.  When
     something is the object of thought it is abstracted from experience and conceptualized.
     Only that which has been terminated and is complete can be objectified. But the
     experience of existence is one of open-endedness and incompleteness."
     - Soren Kierkegaard (1813- 1855)
Cool & Weird

I'm trying to die correctly, but it's very difficult, you know.
Gem's advice

Gem gives personal answers to personal questions



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I do answer all email, I am still online,
and I am always happy to discuss enlightenment,
esoteric psychology and practice, and books.
Bill Eichman  - 2004

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