If you don’t know who Issac Bonewitz is, that’s not necessarily a surprise, for he represents an earlier more idyllic time in the study of the art form of intentional religion.

(I mispelled his name – my apologies, spelling is a personal weakness. His name was Isaac Bonewits. I leave my original mispelling as evidence of my error.)


I would say that much of the work that he ended up doing was “silly, but necessary”. Someone had to act out those intentional religion and recreated religion ideas, and he got the job.

He was a religion geek of the first order. And there are worse things to be, on this planet and in this life.

I regard his books more as curiosities and cultural artifacts than as anything that it’s important to read, but it wouldn’t hurt you to read them if you come across them, and you have any interest in the whole pagan neopagan conscious religion thing.