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Dancing Star
This was a good-hearted site I chanced across, New Age in flavor, but with some nice content and links.

A page that mentions me and a bunch of folks that I knew when I was a freshman in college. This brought back memories.  I am 17 years old at the time mentioned.


Putnam's page on "Meeting the Shadow", a Jungian Psych book that reprinted the "Meeting Darkness on the Path" article.

Some quality crap by a fellow who also will tell you that it's all crap.
Jan Cox, a Gurdjieff-line teacher, worth checking out.jancox1.gif (3321 bytes)

This takes you to a partial 'virtual reality' photo-tour of the cave at lascaux. The first picture is the entry of the cave as it appears today, then you get a view entering the first room, the rotunda with it's animal portraits high on the white calcite ceiling, a procession of animals leading to the gleaming white tunnel of the passageway at the far end of the room. It's pretty good-- gave me chills, but then, I really love the cave at lascaux. Sadly, the "tour" ends in the passageway, and the page makers throw in some relatively gratuitous earth, air, water, etc images.
Here's a sample from that 'virtual reality'.
Beautiful! Check these out full size!
This is France's 'official' site; and they've been clever with it,
starting it with a java splash page that puts a 'light' around your cursor, letting you discover the main image as if exploring a cave, until the rest of the page finishes loading and suddenly appears. Looks like it was designed with students in mind, but it's well done. Take the virtual visit. Check out the excellent map!
This is CHAUVET, one of the newest discoveries of cave art.





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