What’s “memory-prediction framework”? Well, to oversimplify it, it suggests that the brain takes in information from the senses, compares it to memories of past experiences, and then tries to simulate, or imagine, likely future experiences. Sounds pretty obvious I suppose, but like a lot of things about the brain, it’s not well understood.

Jeff Hawkins, the fellow who started the Palm Pilot company (and a few others), thinks it may be the key to developing artificial intellengence. Or at least a better understanding of intelligence.

The language in these articles is pretty dense and jargonized, so be warned.

the wiki on Jeff Hawkins’ book and theories on artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and the brain.

“Hawkins’ basic idea is that the brain is a mechanism to predict the future… Perhaps not always far in the future, but far enough to be of real use to an organism.”


an excerpt from the On Intelligence book

and the On Intelligence website