Having many times had the experience of ‘contacting alien intelligences’ thru the curious methodology of astral projection training, I can certainly confirm that this kind of experience – the vivid sense of communication with “aliens” – does happen during astral projection training and so-called ‘astral travel’. I’m not claiming the experiences are true. Any close examination of teh inconsistencies of those experiences, their essential ‘oddness’, suggests that they are clearly not true in the sense that the word true is usually used. But they are vivid, stiking, strangely compelling and persistent, and seem to be something that occurs naturally and often within these types of meditative or mental training methods.

My theory? That these experiences are, like so much else, a special category of ‘simulation’ – a type of metaphor or interface.

Anyway – here’s an article about the study.


According to lead researcher Michael Raduga, more than half the volunteers experienced at least one full or partial out-of-body experience, and seven of them were able to make contact with UFOs or extraterrestrials during these dream-like experiences.

Raduga designed the experiment to test his theory that many reports of alien encounters are actually instances of people experiencing a vibrant, lifelike state of dreaming. If he could coach people to dream a realistic alien encounter, he said, that could prove that reports of such encounters are really just a product of our imaginations.

“When people experience alien abductions in the night, they usually don’t know they are actually in REM sleep and having an out-of-body experience,” Raduga told Life’s Little Mysteries, adding than an estimated 1 million Americans have such experiences each year.

“It’s very realistic and people cannot understand how it happens. [Our study] shows that it’s not about aliens, it’s about human abilities, and it can happen to almost anyone.” [ 7 Things that Create Convincing UFO Sightings ]

Study participants were told to try to “separate from their bodies” every time they became half-awake or lucid during the night. If they were able to dream that they had separated from their sleeping bodies, they were then supposed to look for aliens in their homes. If they were unable to have an out-of-body dream experience, they were told to go back to sleep and try again later in the night.