Everybody should recognize this famous image of a divination ritual.


From the BIBLIODDYSSEY web site:

“Either the Count de Saint-Germain or Cagliostro is considered to be the author of ‘La Très Sainte Trinosophie’ (The Most Holy Three-fold Wisdom), from the latter half of the 18th century. It has been called “the rarest of occult manuscripts”1 and the only surviving copy is owned by the library in Troyes, France.

‘Trinsophie’ is an allegorical alchemistry work and ritual egyptian magical treatise containing an intentionally coded text with arabic, chaldean hebrew, cuneiform, ionic greek, syriac, esoteric idiograms and heiroglyphs amongst the french writing. A full translation is available online if you look hard enough — I tend to regard the esoteric arts as a fascinating well from which to draw outstanding and eclectic imagery for this site, but if you want to incorporate the mystical and theosophical practices into your life then you ought to inject your own energies into the process, as thou wilt.

Suffice it to say that ‘Trinsophie’ remains an important codex in masonic, rosicrucian and hermetic traditions.””

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