Relevant to brain studies, behavior studies (smell and molecular communication play a larger role than most people realize in behaviors and experience), and the popular topic and theme of ‘vibration’ in the esoteric culture materials… How a new science and industry of scent chemicals is evolving from chemists and biologists applying a theory of smell based on molecular vibration.

Scent is an interesting topic, and a fruitful field for further study for we students of the mind. We use scent cues like perfumes and incenses as a basic part of our ancient and modern technologies of consciousness as tools to shapes moods and experiences and expectations. I predict that a lot of significant discoveries about the role of scent and smell in the brain and consciousness will be made this century, maybe even some really revolutionary discoveries – such as, for example, scent being one of the triggers for ‘feelings of energy in the body’, a subjective phenomenon familar to most people who’ve tried meditation or other training.