Most people have some passing familiarity with the theories about amanita muscaria and indo-european culture – well, these folks made a funny song and video about it. Cmon, it’s cute.

Erowid on amanita, images of amanita muscaria, discussions board about amanita muscaria,  soma,  soma shamans, and most famous of all, and now rare, Gordon Wasson’s Soma, Divine Mushroom of Immortality.

What’s the saying – “Keep the Saturn in Saturnalia”. Holidays, rituals and ritual behaviors, festivals and symbolic activities are one of the ways we humans orient ourselves as groups, familes, tribes, and herds to the flow of time and change here on this surface of our planet. It’s an oppurtunity to practice conscious religion, religion as an art form, or even to try practicing what I have called “final religion”.