Thinker and philosopher U.G. Krishnamurti, 89, died at Vallecrosia, Italy, on Thursday (March 28, 2007)

I’ve said on other pages here at telesterion and other places, that I got “enlightened” a while back. Whatever it is that happened, that I call “my enlightenment”, seems very similar to whatever it was that happened to UG Krishamurti. His attitide towards it and mine are very alike.

So I was touched to hear, from one of the most useful blogs for self-dvelopment guruphiliac on RIP UG, that he had died.

Death is the friend of the enlightened. Most people don’t get that, and thats understandable, I suppose. I figure UG Krishamurti probably did, tho I never met him, and don’t know for sure.

I enjoy how he dies without ceremony. “According to his wishes, no rituals or funeral rites were performed.”.

Here’s the wiki on UG:

“He also claimed that the reason people came to him and to gurus is to find solutions to ease their everyday real problems or for solutions to a fabricated problem, namely, the search for spirituality and enlightenment. He continued to say this drive is caused by the cultural environment, which demands conformity of individuals and places within them the desire to be special. Consequently, it is this need that is exploited by gurus, spiritual teachers and sellers of “shoddy goods”, who pretend to offer the way to reach that goal but never deliver and cannot, since the goal is itself unreachable.”.

UG is not to be confused with the other much more famous Krishnamurti, the Theosophical Societies Jiddu Krishnamurti. Jiddu also had his better moments, in that he was able to reject the artificial cult built around him in his childhood and even returning much of the money and property given by Theosophical followers.

“(J) Krishnamurti had denounced all organized belief, the notion of “gurus”, and the whole teacher-follower relationship, vowing instead to work in setting man absolutely, totally free. From that time, he began to disassociate himself from the Society and its teachings/practices, despite being on cordial terms with some members and ex-members throughout his life.”